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Craft Beer Hair! That’s BRÖÖ

Dec 21 2015

Sarah Duran and Brad Pearsall are the husband and wife founders of Microbroo, LLC, the company behind BRÖÖ Hair care. Craft Beer Hair!  That’s BRÖÖ.  Artisanal, ultra-performance natural hair care, infused with real craft beer.  They explained us that they have taken the same American ingenuity that microbrewers used to improve mass-produced beers, and created a revolution in hair care. To do this they tapped into the age-old remedy of women rinsing their hair with beer. As the team explains they have taken beer “from saloon to salon” by blending micro-brewed beer into premium cleansers and conditioners to concoct natural hair care that delivers professional performance.

BRÖÖ case is very interesting because they went from PET bottles to CTL’s injected molded tubes (ESTube). The idea of changing their packaging started when they realized that the brand was going to get a chance in the mass market, so they explained to us that they knew they needed packaging that was going to grab the time-starved, multi-tasking consumer, and make them look up from their smart phone, at the products. BRÖÖ turned to CTL because “tubes allowed us enough real estate to put not only our big brand name front and center, but also a ton of useful education about the brand right on the front of the tube. As a new, unknown brand, we had to capture the consumer’s attention with bright, bold, millennial, pop-culture design, but also had to convey a grown-up seriousness about the product’s ultra-performance, and their clean ingredient list. The mixture of high gloss color on a matte brown background proved the perfect balance of fun and seriousness for the look”
As the team has explained to CTL “the response to the look of the new tubes has been phenomenal. People literally love them! New fans love the high quality vibe that the tubes give off. Old fans of the products love the size and heft of the tubes, and the ease of dispensing the products”. Before they had received complaints about the difficulty of squeezing out PET bottles.
In their own words “we are super-happy with the lead times we can get on re-orders with CTL. And, their facility in North Carolina is truly space-age!”. Most importantly, Sarah and Brad explained to us that on a personal level, when they saw the first tubes coming off the line at CTL, and held them in their hands, they were almost choked-up, because they looked “so amazing”. The team had been working for almost a year to create a look for the brand that captured our quirky, fun, beer-infused nature, while still conveying the salon-inspired, serious performance they promise. When they first saw the finished tubes, they knew they had achieved the look they were hoping for, and their little, family-owned brand could compete against any other brand on the shelf. As they always say, “we’re just Brad & Sarah, not Procter & Gamble!”
From CTL Packaging USA we are very excited about the results too and happy to make business with such an interesting brand. We hope to help Microbroo grow its business for many years to come.