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Focused on the Details of Deco

Dec 13 2013

At CTL Packaging USA, Dallas, NC, the big trend in tube deco is combination spot varnishing with metallic effects. “Combining both a gloss and matte finish on the tube, provides an aesthetic effect and also a tactile feel that is unique for the consumer,” says Anna Soden, director sales and business development. “We utilize cold stamping with print over the metallization to provide a custom color and unique look for every brand.
“CTL executed two tube decos—one for Dunhill and one for MaxFair—that illustrated the effect of metallic varnishing and stamping. For the masculine Dunhill tube, the company utilized flexographic printing in flood coat black and cold stamped the silver logo. The look was finished with a combination varnish and glossy logo that stood out from the tube’s otherwise matte finish.
For the MaxFair tube, Soden says JF Labs sought a strong shelf impact so using a flexographic technique, CTL used a full cold stamp and color matched inks to produce a high shine metallic look. “The ability to print in the flat and injecting the in mold label to the plastic tube gives limitless decoration advantages over traditional technologies,” she explains. Read full article.