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In-Mold Label Tube Printing

Apr 11 2014

In-mold labeling is one of the most permanent labeling techniques, and if you want your tube to have a label that looks like an integral part of it, in-mold labels are the way to go. This labeling is intended to be a permanent feature of the tube.
In-mold labels differ from paper or normal print labels in that they are inscribed with more accuracy, using more complex methods of thermo-forming, blow molding, and injection molding.
The above three methods are the most widely used with in-mold labeling, and they determine the final quality and appearance of the label. If you are an industrial manufacturer, and you require this method of labeling, CTL Packaging has customized solutions to meet your needs.
We offer reliable amenities and products, using the highest quality machines and processes in the industry.
We will first determine the molding technique best for your product: thermo-forming, blow molding, or injection molding. Each method works best for specific tubes, but all offer the high quality results for which CTL is known. We will assist you in identifying the technique that works best for your needs, and we can easily determine the best molding technique for you.
At CTL Packaging, we have ample experience in the cosmetic packaging industry, and we will always guide you to the most suitable in-mold tube printing to meet your needs. To learn more about the easysupplytube, click here.