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How Proper Packaging Affects Your Brand

May 2 2014

Packaging is an important factor in almost any branding strategy, and because a package is an extension of the brand, the way a product is packaged can greatly impact its success and how potential consumers perceive it. The impression that people get from the packaging will extend to their overall impression of the brand, and the appearance of a product is among the very first connections the consumer makes with a brand, which is why companies put considerable resources into developing the perfect package.
As you know, much of the personal care/cosmetic market revolves around appearances and beauty products, which is why brand packaging is especially sensitive. It is imperative that cosmetic products utilize a packaging strategy that best reflects their overall brand. Plastic tube manufacturers, like CTL Packaging, can assist in developing the right package for your brand.
We utilize an injection molded, in-mold decorated plastic tube process, which offers high end decoration, metallic effects, combination varnish, 4 color process printing and hot stamping. The plastic tubes are seamless, with 360-degree printing shoulder to crimp area, and the decoration options for your brand are unlimited.
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