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In-Mold Label


Easysupply Tube manufacturing is independent of the decorating process. In-mold label (IML) printing is done in the flat vs. conventional plastic tubes printing in the round.  Top quality graphics, modular stations, high productivity, minimal changeover time, high level of automation, job data memory, and quality inspection cameras.  A 40 year old technology, IML for plastic tube offers high repeatability, minimal setup time, less dependency on labor and utilizes stocked labels for quick repeat jobs.

  • Mold has self-centering cavities and high precision guiding for moving plates, with customized injection system to avoid deformations.
  • High hydraulic pressure for quick cavity filling (<0.2 sec.) with toggle units for homogenous clamping force distribution.
  • Two independent robots: A side-entry robot with an end-of-arm integrating several functions and a 3 axes robot with telescopic vertical arm to transfer parts.