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Label Printing

Flat printing technology

  • Top quality graphics
  • Modular stations
  • High productivity
  • Minimum change over time
  • High level of automation
  • Job data memory
  • Quality inspection cameras

High repeatability, minimal setup time and waste in repeat jobs and…

Less dependency on labor!

Decoration- Easysupply Tube

  • Print on BOPP Material – White & Clear available
  • State of the art 8 color Flexographic
  • Hot stamping
  • Cold stamping
  • Photographic printing- 4 color process printing
  • Full print from shoulder to crimp area
  • 360 degree graphics
  • Metallic effects
  • Combo varnish- gloss/satin/matte
  • All color matching done on the printing process

Label Formatting

  1. Cross-cutting from printed reels to sheets
  2. Die-cutting with contrepressure system

Improves the quality of the cut and reduces the dimensional deviation mostly to less than 1/10mm compared with standard cutting process.